Sustainable fabrics

I’ve realised that now I’m learning to sew, I have the power to source ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ fabric for my clothes. When buying from shops, it’s rarely possible to find out the origins of each garment.

So for my next project I decided to buy some ‘good’ fabric. But then you have to answer the question – what is good? I did loads of reading online and I’m still confused! The only fabric I could find that would definitely be good is the award winning Tencel. But there seem to be only a few different colours and weights.

The best guide I found was on Wendy Ward’s blog. She also has a list of suppliers in the UK which is perfect for me:

For my next project I decided to buy organic cotton and I got it from Ray Stitch. It arrived in the post in a beautiful parcel, and best of all it fit through my letter box so it didn’t matter that I was out. I’m so excited to get sewing now!

3 thoughts on “Sustainable fabrics

  1. I’m so pleased you found my post about sustainable fabrics useful. It’s a huge and complex subject, but we all have to start somewhere. Enjoy your organic cotton, I hope you’re sewing it up into something that will get lots of wear!!


    1. Thanks so much Wendy! Your blog posts were really clear and helpful. It’s such an important topic and I still have a lot to learn. As well as sourcing sustainable fabric, I also want to reuse and repurpose old fabrics as much as possible too.

      I hope my next project will get lots of wear… it depends on how successful my sewing day is! I’ll take is slowly, finger’s crossed.


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