Sewing Bee and denim

I’m so happy, the Great British Sewing Bee has returned! It was the first episode today (9pm, BBC2. On iPlayer if you missed it!) and it is still fantastic. Joe Lycett is a great replacement for Claudia Winkleman and the contestants are amazing sewists. Tuesday’s are now my favourite day.

In the first episode one of the challenges was to make a new garment out of old denim garments. Coincidentally, I’d tried to to that at the weekend, but without quite the same level of success..! Here’s what happened:

I had four pairs of jeans going spare (minus the parts I’d already used for my laptop sleeve). I decided to try to make some baby dungarees for my niece. I had the pattern from the sewing bee “Sew Your Own Wardrobe” book. The pattern is also free online here:

Once I’d cut up the jeans, I realised I’d need to do a bit of patchwork to get enough material, so I decided to sew lots stripes together using flat fell seams. It took me AGES, but this is what I ended up with:

Sadly, much as I liked the result, I decided it was far too bulky to make into baby dungarees. So I need to decide what to do with the denim… ideas welcome! I still plan to make the dungarees, but I will have to find some other fabric.

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