Baby toy letter cubes

As a little side project, I decided to make some baby toys for a friend’s daughter. She’s about 6 month’s old and her name is Lou. We were going to visit and I thought I would make a present.

The fabric:

When I put up new roller blinds in our house I had to cut them to size, and I’ve kept the cut material. It’s waterproof, quite thick, and has a wax coating on the back side. I have some in pink and some in white. I decided this would be a good material to make the little cubes out of – any sick/drool would easily wipe off! For the stuffing I decided to use up my scrap fabric and threads – a great scrap-buster.

The pattern:

This was easy, I just cut up 6 squares (about 2.5inch on each side) then sewed together. I made the letters out of bias binding, and top stitched them onto one of the white squares.

The challenges:

The fabric caused me some difficulties, it was very thick and got stuck in the machine at times. But overall my vintage singer coped well. Time was another challenge – I ended up doing the hand sewing on the train there!

The final result:

Three toy letters which hopefully Lou will enjoy playing with. The hand stitching was horrendous and I’m not sure how long they’ll last, but hopefully they will bring some happiness while they remain intact.

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