Toddler T-shirt and leggings

First I sewed some dungarees for my neice but the legs were too small, then I sewed a dress for her but the chest was too small – will these T-shirt and leggings be third-time-lucky?! These were made from a free pattern provided by Spoonflower, and I’m viewing these as a test-run – if they fit (or can be easily adjusted) I’ll make her some more.

1. The fabric:

I made these out of cotton jersey that I bought from Croft Mill a while ago (the same fabric I made my pyjamas out of). It’s really nice fabric; ever so soft, and provided I use stretchy thread I can get away with using a straight stitch on my Singer.

Because I was using a plain fabric, I embroidered a little bee on the front of the T-shirt to make it a bit more fun. I copied the bee design from some iron-on patches that you can buy from Etsy, see: Here’s a picture of my bumblee bee turned out – not my best embroidery work but hopefully my neice won’t mind!


2. The pattern:

This is a free pattern provided on the Spoonflower blog.

Both patterns include a really helpful video which really helps.

3. The challenges:

None really, I found these quite easy to make. However, I am a little nervous about the fit… The sleeves on the T-shirt looked too small so me so I let out the seams a little, I still think they look small but I hope that the stretchy fabric will make up for any fit issues. Also, I think the leggings might be too long for my neice, but she’s going to grow so it won’t be an issue forever!

4. The final result:

Two cute items of toddler-wear! Now I just have to wait and see if they fit. These were really simple to sew so I’ll definitely be up for making some more for her once I know what adjustments to make.

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