Spoonflower toddler T-shirt and blanket

My Spoonflower jersey has arrived! The delivery took weeks… but it came just in the nick of time for my neice’s birthday, with a bit of speedy sewing it worked out. Sadly I had to forego the label as they hadn’t arrived. I decided to just make the T-shirt because the jersey felt too thick for leggings and I used the remaining fabric to make a no-sew blanket.

1. The fabric:

As mentioned previously I created the fabric design and paid Spoonflower to print it onto their cotton jersey. When it arrived I was pretty happy with it, though you can feel the layer of printing – it feels more rigid. The colours held quite well after washing, but I was very cautious when ironing. The printed side of the fabric stuck to the iron. When you stretch the fabric you can see the white jersey underneath the print. It’s definitely not as good as a proper printed jersey.

2. The pattern

I won’t say much on this as I’ve made this T-shirt before. This time I made a 3T size. The blanket was a suggestion from Spoonflower as well:


3. The challenges

The only issue was that the print is a bit fragile. So on the neckband you can see where it’s stretched and the colour is paler.

Oh, and Momo our cat decided to ‘help out’ with the cuddly jersey, which definitely slowed things down!

4. The final result

I’m really pleased with the design, the little yellow emojis pop out, and it’s the novelty that will hopefully make it a good present. I’m not sure this T-shirt will take much wear though.

The no sew blanket wasn’t very well suited to jersey but it used up the leftover fabric. It’s turned out okay but it doesn’t lie flat. The guide says to use fleece which would be much better.

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