Saltmarsh skirt #2!

I haven’t re-made very many patterns, partly because I want to challenge myself and keep on learning new techniques. But I have found that I wear my Saltmarsh skirt a lot. It’s really comfy, looks good and is very practical. It was also my first make, so I was curious to make it again and see how my sewing skills have improved!

1. The fabric

I made this out of a lovely washed linen from Higgs and Higgs in a rust colour. I thought it would be very autumnal and soft, and I was not wrong!

2. The pattern

The pattern is the Saltmarsh Skirt from the Merchant and Mills Workbook. I made it in exactly the same way as I did when I first made it (see post here). It’s a very forgiving pattern with lots of ease, so easy to fit. I made it with the buttonholes again, I still haven’t got an eyelet punch.

3. The challenges

Last time I made this I found finishing the seams a challenge and I ended up bias binding them. I don’t have an overlocker. Since then I’ve learned a few other ways to finish seams. So I decided to do bounded seams on most of the skirt and I used my rolled hem foot to do the hem at the base of the skirt, and to finish the edge of the waistband. It worked quite well, although I wasn’t able to do the bound seams easily at the concave corner of the pocket, so that isn’t fully bound (hopefully it’ll last).

I decided that instead of ‘stitching in the ditch’ for the waistband, that I would hand stitch it. That was partly because I was using black thread (I didn’t have any rust colour) so it would be hard to make it invisible. Also I’ve found it hard to get right in the past. The hand stitching worked fine, but it’s not very neat on the inside. I’m also worried it won’t be as strong. I might re-do it at some point, when I have the right colour thread!

4. The final result

I’m particularly pleased with the pockets on this skirt. The linen pressed really nicely so they’re almost invisible (when not in use) and there so lovely and deep. In my other version the bias binding on the seams made the pockets a bit bulky so I’m relishing the smooth finish on this one! I like the colour, it’s nice and bright and puts a smile on my face. All in all, I’m really happy with this, and I know it’s going to be worn a LOT.

My skirt camouflage! Totally coincidental that my wall matches the rust skirt. I’m not terracotta mad. Honest.
Momo the cat couldn’t resist a bit of photobombing

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