Spoonflower toddler T-shirt and blanket

My Spoonflower jersey has arrived! The delivery took weeks... but it came just in the nick of time for my neice's birthday, with a bit of speedy sewing it worked out. Sadly I had to forego the label as they hadn't arrived. I decided to just make the T-shirt because the jersey felt too thick … Continue reading Spoonflower toddler T-shirt and blanket

Toddler T-shirt and leggings

First I sewed some dungarees for my neice but the legs were too small, then I sewed a dress for her but the chest was too small - will these T-shirt and leggings be third-time-lucky?! These were made from a free pattern provided by Spoonflower, and I'm viewing these as a test-run - if they … Continue reading Toddler T-shirt and leggings