Controller holder

We have so many gadgets which have remote controls it has become a problem in our house. So I decided to make a holder to keep them all in one place. I made this in a day, it’s not my most beautiful piece of work but it does the job.

The fabric:

The controller holder is going to live in our conservatory so I wanted to make it out of a material which was durable and UV resistant. For the base material I used cut-offs from the roller blinds I put up last winter, and part of an old shower curtain for the pockets. As both materials were white, I thought they would be less likely to fade – though they may go yellow in time.

The pattern:

I made the backing out of three parts because of the limited width of the cut-off roller blind material. As the edges don’t fray I sewed the parts together with simple seams and then used another line of stitching to fix the edges down. I sized the pockets based on the measurements of the controllers, and then sewed them to the backing material. There were two sets of pockets, one on each side. I used pleats to gather the pockets at the base.

The challenges:

The only challenge I had with this one was the shower curtain material was prone to fraying, but it wasn’t too much of an issue. It was all quite straight forward really.

The end result:

All the controllers fit in the holder, so they are nice and tidy now. It doesn’t really go with our room so I might remake it at some stage but hopefully this will last until then.


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