Sewing plans

Sew… it’s lockdown time… Everyone keeps on saying how much extra time they have to sew while being stuck at home, but I’m really not finding that right now.

I am a university lecturer and so I’m currently moving all my lectures online, reassuring students, trying to help students scattered around the world after traveling home that are facing quarantine/illness/etc., replanning student’s lab-based projects, catching up on marking, coming up with new policies/systems to deal with issues, having seemingly endless video calls, dealing with papers and grants, while volunteering on projects to help our local hospital with protection equipment and other supplies. I’ve been working from 9 to 9 every day, including weekends.

It’s exhausting, and what I’m doing is nothing compared to those who work in healthcare, police, food, deliveries, or who have children to look after in this lockdown. Let’s spare a thought for them. Particularly those who sew!

Having said all that, when we do get a spare moment it’s really critical to make the most of it and relax. For me, I find sewing really helps. I can put on a nice podcast (something not Covid-19 related!) and focus on the making. So I’ve decided to make a list of projects I want to make from my stash, and then I’m going to break them down into bite-size pieces I can do whenever I need a sewing fix.

Here is my sewing plan list:

  • Tilly and the Buttons Bibi Skirt. I was bought Tilly’s Stretch book as a Christmas present and I haven’t made anything yet. I have some left over stretch denim from my Merchant&Mills Strides and I think I might just have enough to make this
  • Another Simplicity bodysuit! I absolutely loved the one I made, I wear it all of the time. I have just enough to make another from the same fabric, just with shorter sleeves. I also have some gorgeous Liberty viscose jersey which I bought from Guthrie &Ghani called Whispering Stars, so I hope to also make one out of that as well.
  • Headboard for our spare room. This is a project which has been ongoing for some time. I have been using my fabric scraps to stuff a headboard. It’s almost full now so I hope to upholster it soon using a mustard yellow curtain fabric!
  • Either a shirt for me based on David Page Coffin’s shirt book, or a pair of loose trousers using the Burda pattern from the Summer Pants sewalong. Either way I’d make from the light brown cotton shirting fabric I used to make my napkins.
  • Finishing off my dining room chair upholstery. I’ve only done one, and there’s four… It’ll be really nice to when I’ve finished.
  • A guitar strap for my boyfriend, made from a lovely Paisley needlecord he bought
  • The Summit Pack – I bought the pattern as part of Sew My Style and haven’t made it yet, a great way to use up scraps

I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now! I hope you’re all okay – make sure to look after yourselves. To cheer you all up, here’s a little video of someone who is enjoying the lockdown very much, as well as foam intended to make the Summit Pack!

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