Sakura dress

I seem to be remaking lots of patterns at the moment. I made the blouse version of this pattern a few weeks ago as a gift for my niece. It fit quite well. However, her feedback was “orange isn’t my favourite colour…” To which I had to ask what was? Apparently she has two favourites, purple and pink. So as a dutiful auntie I had to make her a purple&pink version!

1. The fabric

I happened to have some purple viscose jersey in my stash so I decided to use that. It’s worth noting this pattern is a woven pattern, but I think it works in a jersey as well. To add a splash of pink I used a pink ribbon which I embroidered next to the sleeve seams using a black blanket stitch.

2. The pattern

I used exactly the same size of pattern as I did for the Sakura Blouse, just with the skirt being made longer so it became the dress version. Instead of buttons at the back I decided to use poppers for a bit of variety.

3. The challenges

Having made this pattern fairly recently I found it a nice easy make. The embroidering of the ribbon to the jersey was a bit fiddly because of the stretch difference, but I got it to work in the end, it just took a while.

4. The final result

I think this has come out quite well. I think my niece will love the colour, and the jersey will be comfy. I am a little worried that it won’t be very durable. I interfaced the placket but it feels a bit weak around the poppers. Nevertheless, another success story of an Ikatee pattern – thank you!

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