Grand’ourse hoodie

This super cute kids pattern features little rabbit or bear ears, it can be lined/unlined, with hood/no hood, short/long. It’s a really versatile pattern but I decided to change it even more and turn it into a hoodie! Here’s what I did:

1. The fabric

I had some of this gorgeous thick loopback cotton jersey which I bought from Guthrie&Ghani ages ago. I’d used it to make the Poppy Dress from By Hand London (which I love by the way, I wear it loads, it’s so comfy). I only had tiny scraps but I thought I might have enough to make this child’s coat. I soon realized I didn’t have quite enough to make it as intended. But the pattern has a large fabric overlap at the front for the buttons, so I thought I could add a zip and use less fabric. With some careful cutting I managed to fit it into my scraps! Very satisfying.

I knew from using this fabric before that bias binding was the best way to finish the seam edges because it is very thick (an overlocker could work too but I don’t have one). I had some left over tencel fabric in a similar colour and I decided to use that, and I also lined the hood.

2. The pattern

This is the Grand’ourse cardigan pattern from Ikatee. I made the size 3 and made it a bit more a-line to accommodate a teeny belly. As mentioned I also changed it into a zip closure. I did this by finding the centerline (in middle of the two buttons) and adding a bit of seam allowance. In the end I didn’t need it because I decided to bias bind the edge then sew directly to the zip so the thick fabric would sit flat. Everything else I did according to the pattern instructions.

Right at the end I decided to add a kangaroo pocket on the front. I did this partly because my neice loves pockets, and partly because the zip wasn’t a proper coat one, so it had to stay closed at the end, so the pocket made it clearer it is a jumper. I wish I could have made it a bit bigger, but I had only very small scraps left by then.

3. The challenges

This pattern is really easy to sew and the instructions are great. So the only challenges were the ones I made for myself by messing with the pattern! I had to spend quite a bit of time thinking about the zip and making sure it worked. The Hong Kong seams also took a while, but I had a free weekend and I really enjoyed going slow and seeing it all come together.

4. The final result

This hoodie feels so soft and comfy and I’m really pleased with it. I think it’s unique, I love the ears on the hood and the zip has turned out great I think because the lining fabric is a perfect match with the main fabric and gives it a bit more interest. My only slight worry is that it won’t fit, as I know my neice has grown quite a bit recently… Hopefully with the fabric stretch it’ll be ok! Here are some photos:

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