Heron Top

I really enjoyed sewing the Heron Top. It’s another pattern from the Merchant & Mills Workbook. I took my time getting it right (unpicking and resewing more than once!), and I’m really pleased with the end result.

The fabric:

In a recent blog post I mentioned that I have decided to use sustainable fabrics for my sewing wherever possible, and as part of that I bought some organic cotton. The cotton I bought was a dark red crossweave from Ray Stitch. I’m still learning about fabrics and when it arrived it wasn’t quite what I expected. I was imagining something more lightweight with more drape like the pictures in the book. As the fabric was quite thick I decided I didn’t need to use interfacing for the collar.

The pattern:

I really like the step-by-step instructions in the Merchant & Mills Workbook, but if you’re making this one watch out – there is a small error in the pattern. I discovered this by looking the pattern up on PatternReview.com (that website is so helpful!). Quite a few people had commented that the ties were too short. On the Merchant & Mills website it confirms the error for the Heron top and errors also on the Bantam pattern; it says:

Pattern errata: Heron. Place both tie pattern pieces on the fold. Bantam. Neck and arm pattern pieces are labelled incorrectly. The arm pattern piece is for your neck bias strip and vice versa.

The challenges:

In my last sewing project, The Saltmarsh Skirt, I was unsure how to finish off the seams on the inside because I don’t have an overlocker or a functioning zigzagger. In the end I bias binded the seams but I wasn’t happy with the finish. So after a bit of research I decided that I would create bound seams for this project. It was a little fiddly as I needed to add to the seam allowance and the seams ended up being really tiny. Nevertheless, I’m really pleased with the finish, the seams are not too bulky and I think they look great.

I found the pivot points on the collar the most challenging part of this project. It was the first time I had done these and cutting the fabric right up to the stitch line really made me nervous. I ended up adding a few extra lines of stitching, which I’m not sure helped to be honest. The finish isn’t perfect but it’s hidden under the collar so I’m okay with that.

The final result:

I’m delighted with my new top and I’ve already worn it several times. As it’s winter here in the UK (it’s snowy outside today) wearing a short-sleeved top isn’t sensible, but I’ve found it looks good over a warm long-sleeved tunic. The cotton is lovely and soft, and it feels luxurious and comfy.

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