Cielo top

I’ve decided that I adore Closet Core patterns, and the Cielo top is no exception. I made this from a washed linen in a rust colour and really enjoyed making it! Here’s how I got on:

1. The fabric

I have made a couple of things from this linen before. I bought 3 metres from Highs&Higgs and it’s a sturdy washed linen. I made my second Saltmarsh Skirt from it, and the Sakura blouse for my niece. I realised I would have just enough left over to make this top, which isn’t bad going for 3m! I’ve taken quite a shine to sewing with linen and it feels really soft against the skin after a few washes. So I thought it perfect for my first attempt at this top.

2. The pattern

The Cielo top & dress from Closet Core patterns is a boxy woven pattern. I am not sure that the dress will suit my body shape, but I really like the top. It is a cropped length, and has two yokes at the back shoulder. There are two main sleeve options: a short sleeve with a cuff or a longer lantern sleeve. I didn’t have enough fabric to do the lantern sleeve, but it looks awesome so I’ll definitely be adding that to my make-list. Happily the pattern comes with some bust size options – it’s a delight not to have to do a full bust adjustment! I took my measurements and decided to make the size 10 in a C cup. I made no adjustments to the pattern at all.

3. The challenges

The biggest challenge I had with this make was my cat Momo – she got very excited by all the paper and tape, and cutting out the pieces took me much longer than it should have.

Momo taking on the role of “pattern weight”

The actual sewing was a joy. The instructions are really clear and it’s a fairly straight forward pattern. I decided to sew French seams which worked pretty well, even though the fabric is quite heavy. This was a pretty challenge-free garment to sew, beginner friendly.

4. The final result

I am not 100% happy with the fit but I really like this pattern. I need to lower the bust darts slightly because to top seems to be pulling towards the back and I think that’s why. Also the neck is ever so slightly too wide (bra straps show) so I might make a slight change to the neckline next time. The sturdiness of the linen makes the fit issues more obvious but it’s really not bad considering it’s my first try. I’ll get lots of use out of this top, particular on the summery hot days. The sleeves are a little too bulky to fit over some of my cardigans but that’s easily remedied – I just need to sew more cardies! I love this pattern, and definitely recommend it.

Front view
Back view
My Cielo top and Saltmarsh Skirt from the same fabric, #dresslikeacrayon!

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