Safiya Trousers

The first pattern in the Tilly and the Buttons Make it Simple book are the Safiya Trousers. They are an elasticated waist trouser pattern with wide legs and are ankle-length. I really liked that they can be adapted into dungarees (which I’ve seen lots of people make on Instagram) and also a playsuit. I decided to make the standard trousers, and it was a really satisfying make.

1. The fabric

In my mission to use up my fabric scraps, I decided to make these out of my remaining light brown cotton shirting (previously used to make hankies, and toddler blouse). It’s a really fine weave, and has a slight sparkle to it. When I put the pattern pieces on the fabric I realised that I could almost fit the trouser pieces side by side, but there was a tiny at the top of the crotch seam. So I decided to use a bit of patchwork to enable me to fit the pieces side by side – it was so much more efficient use of the fabric (almost halved the amount required leaving me with a decent amount remaining for something else) and I figure the inside of my crotch isn’t an area many people will inspect!

2. The pattern

The Safiya Trousers pattern has been designed by Tilly to be a speedy-sew. So there are only two pattern pieces (front leg, back leg) and the waistband is created just by folding the top over the elastic. The elastic is sewn in using quite an interesting method where the elastic is just fixed to the back, which results in just the back of the trousers being bunched up and the front being flat.

3. The challenges

This pattern is very simple but it didn’t end up being an easy sew for me. For the following reasons:

  • The pattern says to overlock quite a few of the fabric edges, and although I could have got my Ruby Overlock machine out, I decided that instead I would finish the seams using my blind hem foot. I really enjoy using it and with fine fabrics it gives a lovely finish. The only problem is that it stretches the fabric out slightly. this different matter too much for this pattern but did make the pocket seams a little rumpled.
  • I had difficulty with the pockets because I couldn’t find the pattern piece on the paper pattern! I’m sure it’s there somewhere but I couldn’t figure it out. So I ended up looking at the photographs and sketching out an approximation of the pockets. Unfortunately they ended up being too small and I like having deep pockets to rest my hands in. Nevertheless I did manage to install some pockets and they are big enough to hold keys.
  • I looked at the measurements and decided to sew a Size 4, but on reflection I think a size 5 would have been better. I was in the middle of the two sizes, and when I looked at the ease in the pattern I thought it had enough space. It’s not too bad but the waist band has ended up a bit high.

Otherwise I thought the pattern was great and it’s nice to have a relaxed pair of trousers to wear on the many online meetings I am sitting through at the moment.

4. The final result

I have already got a lot of wear out of these trousers. They are fairly comfy, I’d like a bit more room in the waist but it’s not bad. They are lovely and lightweight, which is great for hot weather – the only thing is that it feels as though they might rip if I handle them too roughly! I think the fabric is pretty strong but it still worries me a bit. I will certainly make these again, but I think I’ll make them out of linen and make the size 5. I also need to find the pocket on the pattern sheets…. I looked for ages and I can’t see it – if anyone has made this and knows where it is then please tell me!

3 thoughts on “Safiya Trousers

  1. The pocket piece is on the same side as the Tabitha T-shirt (the other side of the sheet has the Juno pj legs). Love your Suki #2 and very impressed by your Gingers

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    1. Thanks Ley! I realised I’m missing the Tabitha T-Shirt pattern as well, so I think my book was incomplete, but I managed to download the missing pieces from Tilly’s website and got it printed out so I have them now. Thanks so much for the compliments! I wear my Suki’s a lot, but the Gingers are a tad too tight so I’ll be either be losing weight or making some more at some point 🙂


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